Using Kettlebell Advanced Workout Routines for Mind Blowing Sex!



Whatever type of workout routines you use they should be developed to achieve certain goals. These goals might include for example, improving your general health, increasing your fitness, losing a certain amount of weight and preparing for a sports competition. What many people do not realise is that you can also make a big improvement to your sex life without drugs like Viagra or any of the other expensive supplements that marketers try to sell you. There are no negative side effects and only positive health benefits.

Any improvement that you make to your general fitness will improve your sex life. However, if this is your primary goal there are specific fitness for sex exercises that you can concentrate on. More on those later but first you might be asking how can improved fitness improve my sex life? Improved fitness and sex exercises can do the following:

1. Make you feel fantastic.

a) Moderate to intense exercise leads to the release of brain hormones that give you a feeling of euphoria. This will increase your sense of wellbeing and your natural libido.

b) An improved body shape (e.g. more toned) will give you more self confidence.

c) Finding tasks easier to do and less stressful will increase your self worth.

d) Health improvements in a whole host of areas (e.g. less colds, avoid or cure diseases like type 2 diabetes, more energy, clearer thinking and more positive) will make it easier for you to concentrate on and enjoy a more intense sex life.

2. Make you look fantastic

a) For men e.g. improve posture and body symmetry, enlarge the shoulders/arms/chest, tone the abs/buttocks/legs.

b) For women e.g. improve posture and body symmetry, tone the abs/buttocks/thighs/arms/legs.

b) To improve your self worth.

c) To increase your partners (or potential partners) attraction to you.

3. Make you better at the physical side of sex.

a) In general being able to have sex for longer and more athletically without becoming too tired or out of breath.

b) For men; improved ejaculatory control, larger stronger erections and more intense orgasms.

c) For women; improved vagina control and more intense orgasms.

The main muscle groups to focus on include the Glutes (buttocks), Hamstrings and Quads (upper legs and thighs), Abs and Obliques (stomach), Triceps and Biceps (upper arms), Deltoids (shoulders), Pecs (chest) and Lats (the wing like back muscle groups) and the Core (muscles within the pelvis that retain the internal organs in a hammock like structure).

The following is an advanced workout routine and not recommended for either beginners in general or someone fit that has never used kettlebells. On the assumption that you are an experienced kettlebell user I am not going to suggest how you should warm up and warm down because I am sure that you have developed your own methods that best suit you.

Obviously the choice of weight depends on your stage of fitness and you should know your own limits to be able to correctly perform around 1 or 2 sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise. This is a short workout routine that can be used to supplement your general one or completely replace it if you do not have much time to train. You can increase the intensity by minimising your rest in between each exercise but make sure that you do not compromise your exercise form or simply run out of steam before you complete the whole routine.

1. Legs apart single arm overhead swing. This is one of the basic kettlebell exercises but it is also a great exercise for an advanced routine. The asymmetrical movement puts a high load on your upper body, your core, buttocks and upper legs. As a very dynamic exercise it also great for cardio and explosive power.

Points to look out for include making sure that you squat deeply as if you are about to sit down and let your arm swing freely and straight with the power pulse coming from the legs being straightened (not your shoulders).

2. Forward leg lunge with the kettlebells on your shoulders. This is another basic but effective exercise. Not only does it strengthen your buttocks and upper legs but also your core, stomach and shoulders. It can be made for difficult and more effective for the core and stomach by twisting your body to one at the bottom of the lunge but be careful not to fall over if the kettelebells are heavy!

Make sure that your squat both legs to almost 90 degree and force your shoulder blades together to keep a good upright posture throughout.

3. The final leg focused exercise is a legs together squat with both arms swung forward to counterbalance. As well as loading your legs and buttocks this is a very good exercise for your shoulders, arms, upper back and as with the others your core.

Spend some time learning how to swing your arms smoothly and coordinating a deep squat at the same time. Make sure that there is very little forward movement of your knees so that you sit further back when squatting.

4. Press ups with kettlebells wide apart. Trying to balance your grip on the kettlebell handles forces you to stabilise your whole body more strongly. The main muscles worked include the chest, shoulders, lower back, stomach and core.

You need to concentrate, tense your whole body and push vertically downwards with your hands to keep the kettlebells stable. Only dip down until your elbows are more or less at right angles.

5. Press ups with one kettlebell. This shifts the loading emphasise to your arms, lower back, stomach and core.

Hold one kettlebell with both hands on the metal ball and not the handle. Dip down as far as you can and smoothly come up.

6. Chest press with a constant hip lift. Not only does this work your chest, shoulders and arms but with the hips held high you are simultaneously loading your lower back, core and stomach.

Try to lock your hips in place and keep them high throughout the whole set whilst pushing the kettlebells slowly up in line with your nipples.

7. Overhead pull with a constant hip lift. Adopting the same body position as the chest press this time hold your arms out straight with one or two kettlebells and slowly swing the arms overhead until they almost touch the ground behind your head. You should feel your chest, stomach, shoulders, arms, back and core being worked.

As previously lock your hips but this time ensure that your arms are almost fully extended.

8. Partial Turkish get up. Instead of doing the full get up just raise your body from a lying down position with one arm vertically extended and holding a kettlebell above your head. This is great for your core, stomach and arms.

Initially it may be very difficult to sit up at all. Try keeping your eyes focused on the kettlebell as you rise up. Keep the kettlebell above your head with your arm straight up at all times. Initially you may need to swing your other arm to provide a little momentum.

9. The final exercise is a single arm lat pull from the lunge position. This works your back, core, stomach and arms.

Concentrate on keeping your shoulders absolutely still and bringing the kettlebell up to your shoulder. A more complex version of this involves lifting your shoulders as well to allow the body to twist with the lift.

You may have noticed that many of these whole body exercises place a lot of emphasise on your core and stomach through asymmetric loading. This is why additional sit ups or crunches are not necessary.

In men the core muscles contribute to the strength of an erection, ejaculatory control and ultimately the intensity of an orgasm. Strong core muscles in a woman lead to a tighter vagina, greater control of contractions and ultimately more intense orgasms. There are also a wide range of sex exercises that don’t involve kettlebells! These include male erectile enhancement methods such as the penis jelq (that is also effective at penis enlargement) and Kugel exercises for women.


Source by Dr. Mark Shane Howard