Walking Street – Pattaya | Nutrition Fit



What is it, where is it? What’s there? Walking Street lies at the southern end of beach road (Soi 1) It is the main beer bar entertainment area in Pattaya and is a must see, if only once!

Primarily it caters for the single male visitor, however couples often are drawn to this amazing place by its bright lights and numerous disco’s such as Lucifer, Insomnia, and Tony’s. Not only are there some great discos but there are many places to see live bands, Utopia bar (Thaitans of rock) Blues factory and torus. If you like your music, Walking Street is the place to be.

Walking Street is not only for the party seeker. There are some fantastic restaurants serving fresh fish, crab and lobster. There are tailor shops that can make you a suite in just a few days for a fraction of the price you would pay in your own country. (Unless you are from Thailand or course) There are ice cream parlours, Pizzerias and gift shops galore.

Beer bars make up the majority of the area but if you are feeling you want to see something different why not try one of the many Gogo bars that are found along the Street or smaller Soi’s that lead from Walking Street itself. Beer prices will be more expensive but that’s the price you pay for watching very scantily clad young ladies dance around silver poles. Possibly for the less inhibited or drunk male?

Recently Walking Street as seen a rise in street entertainers too. Excellent magicians, contortionists, break dancers, football skill demonstrations, and of course Thai Kick Boxing. Although it’s called Walking Street, it’s a great place to just sit and enjoy a drink, there’s always something going on to see.


Source by Andrew Freeman