What Are The Foods That Burn Fat? 5 Secret Foods That Will Speed Up Weight Loss | Nutrition Fit



So what are the foods that burn fat? Chances are, you’ve probably been eating a lot of foods that have been claimed to help you lose weight, such as subway sandwiches. The truth is, that these foods aren’t helping you lose weight, at least as much as you potentially lose.

Some of these foods are very easy and quick to prepare and eat. While others take a little time, they are all worth it.

#1: Whole grain oats

Yes, those tasty and grainy oatmeal packets you probably had when you were a kid. However, the better stuff is the one you get in a big bag because it is less processed and has less sugar. Eat whole grain oats in the morning and you are off to a great start.

#2: Green veggies

Even though they may cause some gas in some people, veggies are very beneficial to your body. If you load up on veggies daily, you’ll start to be more aware and feel better about yourself, not to mention promote weight loss. Try to add some veggies on the side of your main meals, but keep your meals from being heavy on the calories.

#3: Eggs

Did you ever watch those rocky movies growing up? He always ate eggs to help him get in shape and lose weight. Eggs are very high in protein and totally natural. Protein helps with rebuilding muscle tissue after working and is healthy overall for you. Have eggs for breakfast or during lunch.

#4: Fruits

Full of antioxidants and very flavor-full, adding fruits to your eating lifestyle can give you more energy and make you feel full for longer periods of time, an apple a day keeps the fat at bay.

#5: Nuts

My favorite, I like to eat peanuts during TV shows, parties, you name it. Peanuts and almonds and other nuts make great alternatives to other party snacks such as Doritos and Cheetos. Nuts have essential fatty acids that the body doesn’t produce much of. So it’s great to have a case of peanuts or almonds in stock so that you have to force yourself to eat them! These are also packed full of fiber, protein and some carbs for long-term energy.

Another good side food is cottage cheese, the low fat kind. Cottage cheese is low in carbs, has a good amount of protein, and light in calories as well, if you get hungry during the night, snack on some cottage cheese for a healthy late night snack.


Source by Ernie Mata