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Watch these interesting funniest movies on Netflix. Sure to Dumbledore with Rofl

Netflix and chill - funniest movie
Netflix and chill - funniest movie

Watch these interesting funniest movies on Netflix. Sure to Dumbledore with Roefl

Bonjour!! All in…, I have been thinking of listening to your Netflix charms and exploring the ROFL, LMAO and LOL infringement you will face while choosing an Interesting yet funny movie on Netflix. 

Interestingly, there are times when you want to chill and Netflix but don’t know What to watch till settling up to decide with every one choice. 

But deciding with the dramatic funniest or solo comedy is a way to define which person you are,

Choose by selective genre is better to indulge in every mind mapping of the Netflix roll-up sleeves and a way to a mind-blowing movie is what today I am here to suggest to you.

The Funniest Netflix movie is on the run. Kindly sit with popcorn and have fun.

Funniest best Netflix movies:

1. Holidate 2020 

 Director: John Whitesell

Holidate is a romantic comedy movie where the star Emma Roberts can’t enjoy her holiday at home as she recently broke up and her mother insists on matching her with a man of his life.

Coincidently she met a Golfer who had this unexpected date which went worse accidentally Emma Robert met Golfer. After they get along with each other but considering them as a 

” HoliDate”  ” where there will be no regression, no expectation and no INTIMACY from each other, only enjoyment and spending time together which turn into love.

Enjoy this hilarious Comedy with no romantic front.


IMDb: 6.1/10

Romantic Comedy Style by Bruederlichinherz

First of all, I don’t really watch romantic comedy movies, I am in quarantine cause I got covid 19, and the only thing I can do is watching movies, I knew Emma Roberts as an actor in “The Hunt” or “Scary Movie”. Her performance was good as well in this movie, I don’t want to spoil anything. It was a very good movie and it is worth watching, with some alcoholic drinks as well. 9/10 Stars


2. Murder Mystery 2019

 Director: Kyle Newacheck

Murder Mystery brings and shows us a comedy-mystery which starts with a couple who desire to visit Europe one day as the Jennifer Aniston played as a hairdresser promised by her husband played by Adam Sandler as a character of New York Police Cop. One day the jackpot landed, they both went on a Europe trip for their 15th wedding anniversary. All the mystery started with their journey.

Most happening and laugh out Netflix movies, Surely to watch.


IMDb: 6/10

If you have 90 minutes to kill, Murder Mystery will tick the boxes for easy entertainment.

Lydia Gan, The News Paper

Murder Mystery was a pleasant surprise and another terrific comedy showcase for Aniston.

Jeffrey Lyles, Lyles’ Movie Files

Netflix-The murder mystery
Netflix-The murder mystery

3. Other people 2016

Director: Chris Kelly

Other people movie refers a genre in Comedy which limelight the issue of homosexuality which is not accepted.

The family of David who is homosexual and 29 years old, came home to be with her mother as she is dealing with the last stage of cancer. Despite being at home David’s presence is neglected by his father as he had not accepted his sexuality.

But after gathering all together once again, the family got reunited again with happy endings.


IMDb: 6.8/10

Rarely am I surprised by a film. Even less rare am I left speechless. It has already all been done and said, right? Turns out the answer to that question is no. This incredibly brilliant and quiet film reintroduces family and humanness to a world that desperately needs to see the transformative power that tragedy and suffering can bring to a family and community. Molly Shannon is a revelation. She is purely breath-taking in her nuanced and authentic performance. The family that surrounds her in this film is brilliantly cast and subtly and not so subtly used to portray emotion and experience and raw realness. I cannot wait to see this film again and to share it with everyone I care about.

Rkillian922, IMDb

other people movie to watch
other people – movies to watch

4. Set it up 2018

Director: Claire Scanlon

Set it up is a romantic comedy movie that starts with an office scenario where these two bosses are in great trouble with their anger which flaws their respective secretaries. Unpurposely, they plan to hitch their bosses together as a life partner.

 So, that they get calm down and have a great life besides their work and eventually after their successful plan, they two get along really well and if you want to have this crispy twist experience. Then do watch this hilarious movie on Netflix.


IMDb: 6.5/10

This is a feel-good movie and don’t you watch it if you’re a killjoy or a boring person..

Love Zoey and I think her acting is superb for her age. She’s going to be the next America’s sweetheart…

Love it, IMDb

Set it up-must watch
Set it up-must watch

5. Yes, God, Yes

 Director: Karen Maine

When a person deals with sexual desire and abruptly want to know and feel puberty. So, here the character Alice is played by     

Natalia Dyer wants to experience the same feeling when she enters full of handsome hunk boys in her catholic school. 

Where Father Murphy teaches her that sexual activity is a sin that derives shame. Fascinationately, you will get to know while watching this movie series – a teen comedy that bulges out for normal teenagers entering into their puberty stage.


IMDb: 6.1/10

An original, charming and honest story on adolescence and religion

Keli Williams, Little White Lies

Netflix-Yes, God, yes

6. Always be my Maybe 2019

 Director: Nahnatchka Khan

 Always Be My Maybe is based on a comedy where the cast Star is Ali Wong played Sasha living with his childhood friend Randall Park played as Marcus Kim in San Francisco. 

Sasha and Marcus always spent their time together.

 Sasha’s parents were not living with her because of their work. 

As they grew old and mature enough, they decided to have sex mutually. After that, Sasha flew to become a successful celebrity chef and own her restaurant. After breaking her marriage, his fiancee could not make it to his wedding.

She felt the connection with Marcus again.

Interestingly, they shared everything they had done in childhood, the most memorable movie with a pinch of Comedy in it. Do watch this exciting Netflix movie


IMDb: 6 .8/10

Seriously, he’s funny, unexpected, and also his usual sexy self. Movie’s cute too – pretty predictable, but with enough heart and intelligence to keep it interesting.

Keanu Reeves crushes it!! , IMDb

Netflix- Always be my Maybe
Netflix- Always be my Maybe

7. Bad trip 2021

 Director: Kitao Sakurai

  Introducing a hilarious comedy trip to you all, Starring Eric Andre played As Chris Carey working in a car washing company where she got a chance to meet his school crush where he accidentally vacuumed his clothes instead of the car.

Lil Rel Played As Bud Malone, a friend of Chris Carey was having a conversation with her sister who wants some money from Bud as Bud refused to give the money, her sister stole the money and got caught.

Meanwhile, they both got into the dramatic and hilarious adventure where Chris everything goes tipsy turvy.

Sure to watch once for a more thrilling experience.


IMDb: 6.6/10

It’s a blunt instrument of absurdity, but that’s also what makes it so much fun.

Eric Kon, Indie Wire

Enjoy- Bad trip
Enjoy- Bad trip

8. Someone Great 2019

Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

 Someone great is a romantic comedy movie with a twist in the life of Jenny.

Jenny- played by Gina Rodriguez, broke with her 9 years of relationship because she got her dream job and wanted to shift to San Francisco for achieving it.

But her boyfriend Nate-played by Lakeith Stanfield, don’t want to quit his job. So, they ended up with a breakup.

Then by shifting at her workplace and hanging out with her Girlfriends, she discovered herself and more exclusive parts.

The most valuable plot of the movie awaits, do watch it. 

To watch this Netflix freak out romance, go to Netflix.

Please, comment down your views if you like these movies

Enjoy this funny movie.


IMDb: 6.2/10

Netflix’s romantic comedy Someone Great is extremely of this time, a sugar rush that adds a millennial gloss to genre tropes.

Roxana Hadadi, Pajiba.

Netflix-Someone Great
Netflix-Someone Great