Why People Become Fat | Nutrition Fit



Overweight people very often blame their weight gain on a recent behavior like eating too much, instead of looking for the reason. Getting fat is a very long process. It starts with a slowing in your metabolism caused by a decrease in the use of muscles. If you gain weight more easily then you did when you were younger, it is because your muscles can’t burn up all the calories because you have less muscle.

The best way to control your metabolism is with exercise. The lack of exercise slows your metabolism down. The slower your metabolism is the less calories you burn. Exercise can change your metabolism in such a way that you become more resistant to gaining weight. Dieting is useful to lose weight temporarily but it does not cure the tendency to get fat easily. People who lost a lot of weight can the weight back when they stop. Then they start another diet, lose some more weight and gain it back, and so it goes. It is easy to lose weight in the short-term but having long-term success that is very hard.

Why do people step into the same hole again and again? People who do that are similar to gamblers. You may get short-term success but in the end you still lose. Diets are not the answer because it does not improve your metabolism. The more you exercise the faster you metabolism is and the more calories you bun. The lack of exercise is the main reason why people become fat. Most animals that you see are very lean. They are lean because they mover around constantly and burn a lot of calories every day. People should take their nose out of diet books and go outside or to the gym a burn calories like an animal.


Source by Randolph Meresmaa