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Nowadays, purchasing a gym membership may not be the best step towards fitness for many reasons. For one thing, enrollment and other gym fees can be quite hefty especially if you use the facilities only occasionally. For another thing, it can sometimes be a hassle to go to the gym when the weather is bad, when you feel bad, and when you need your privacy while sweating so badly.

Fortunately for us mortals who desire to combine an all-in-one home gym with an easy-on-the-pocket exercise machine, the Weider Crossbow Advantage may well be the answer to our prayers. Basically, it is designed to strengthen the whole body as well as provide it with more definition (muscle tone, as we call it). As can be expected, its physical exterior is such that it resembles a crossbow on top with padded seats and adjustable weights at the bottom.

With its adjustable power rod, it offers over 65 distinct exercises with 240 pounds of resistance. Just imagine 65 exercises in one machine and boredom will most likely not set in. Take note that an upgrade to 440 pounds is possible especially for advanced athletes.

With its compact size, there is no need to allot space for the dumbbells and other free weights as a 20-pound rod corresponds to 20 dumbbells. And of course, with over 65 exercises, you are sure to target all muscle groups.

Just to name a few of the muscle groups that can be targeted with the Weider Crossbow Advantage:

  • Chest – Apply the incline and flat bench presses that target the pectoral muscles. For pec flies, just bring your arms together to form an arc.
  • Back – Do the lat pull-downs, pull-ups, seated rows, traditional biceps and triceps overhead presses, and seated shoulder presses.
  • Legs – Perform the standing squats to work on your quad, hamstrings and glutes. Use the leg curl and extension attachment to target the quads.

Since a rowing machine is included in the whole set-up, cardiovascular exercises are also possible. Indeed, the Weider Crossbow Advantage provides for strengthening and cardio exercises without the need to change equipment. Thus, there is a smooth and fluid continuity to exercise programs that, admittedly, make for better motivation.

It is also reasonably priced in many sites and stores that, considering the numerous exercises possible with it, is indeed more bang for your buck. Plus, the warranties are very favorable with a lifetime warranty on the crossbars.

When using the Weider Crossbow Advantage, you must set the power rods to your desired resistance. You can then lie down on the padded seat to perform chest exercises, sit down on the bench for the leg exercises and stand facing it for the arm exercises.

The Weider Crossbow Advantage presents many opportunities for members of the family to engage in strength and cardio exercises right in the comfort of your own home.


Source by Mike Singh