You Become Like Those You Associate With | Nutrition Fit



Often times I look at people and see so much potential. I see the people they surround them selves with and look at what they do with their spare time and am saddened by the reality of the potential waiting to burst out, but yet will never come.

Who we are now is based on past experiences and decisions that we have made and the influence we have received from others, but we can’t dwell on the past if we want to accomplish great things. Sometimes we need to make tough choices and make some changes in the friendships we have. At least we have to rethink who we are getting advice from.

Most people wouldn’t go to a person that has been divorced 3 or 4 times and ask for marital advice. But time after time, when we are thinking about going in a new direction, whether in life or business, we look to those people around us that have stayed in the same pattern they are in for years. I never understood this but I have seen it in so many individuals.

If we are going to make a change in our life, it requires effort and surrounding ourselves with new people of influence. Find someone that has changed for the positive in any area and they will tell you that someone helped them through it all, that without that person they would have failed miserably. Look around at the people you associate with. Are they constantly learning and researching new ideas, expanding their minds and keeping up with new technology. Are they looking to have a positive impact on the people around them or are they filled with unending sarcasm and belittling of anyone that tries to change or make a difference.

I remember a story of an old man and a young boy walking down the beach early in the morning. the tide had receded and there were many young starfish left on the beach, that would die once the sun rose high enough and got hot enough to dry them out. The young boy, was throwing the little starfish back into the ocean as they walked down the beach and at one point the old man said, “I know you’re trying to help, but look ahead down the beach, there are hundreds maybe thousands that are washed up on the shore. What your doing isn’t making a bit of difference.” The boy looked at him as he threw another one back in the ocean and said ” i made a difference to that one” and he smiled and continued.

Are you hanging around with people that think change is to hard and things will never get better, or our you surrounding yourself with people that have eyes of a child and think anything is possible.

Jesus said; “I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child, will never enter it”

It takes faith to believe in what we can not see. Have faith and seek out people that are looking to make a difference and you will be amazed at how you too, will accomplish what you want.


Source by Steven Conn