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As we experience in the field of hypnotherapy, there is a phenomenon of affirmations or suggestions taking root in the mind and body and manifesting change. These affirmations may be positive or negative in nature. They may be installed via direct hypnosis, or a person may give himself his own instructions through repetition of expression.

Many common expressions act as negative affirmations and unwittingly cause pain and distress in the body. This is called “organ language.”

This article is to alert you to these type of affirmations and give suggestions for how to combat them. When you give your body instructions as to how to feel, your unconscious mind is listening attentively. And does its best to create and give energy to what you focus on. Your unconscious mind is very literal and common expressions are taken at face value. In short, you get what you think about.

Here are some examples of deleterious language which has a damaging effect as regards health and wellness and comfort. Scan your own patterns and see if you use any of these.

— “I’m sick and tired of him.” or “That makes me sick!” Direct language instructing your brain and body to create illness and lack of energy. Don’t say it! (I was guilty of the above. But now I say instead: “That just raises my metabolism!”

— “He’s a back stabber!” “He’s a pain in the neck.” “She’s a real pain in the behind.” You are telling yourself to have pain in those areas.

— “I’m so mad I can’t see straight.” You’re asking for vision problems.

— “He makes my blood boil.” You’re asking for high blood pressure.

— “Her nonsense makes my head spin.” Here comes dizzy.

— I had a co-worker once who had a habitual phrase: “I have no clue.” She was very confused, frequently.

— “I’m heart-broken.” No! Just, no.

What’s the Solution? Focus on the flip side of illness and physical distress in your language to self. Protect yourself from negative affirmations by focusing on healthy.

Another negative suggestion we tell ourselves: “It’s cold and flu season.” Reject that idea. Rather, say to yourself: “It’s healthy time! I feel so good. I always stay healthy.”

Listen to your language and notice if/when you give yourself negative suggestions of pain and discomfort and illness. And then stop it and think of how you’d rather feel. Something good, I mean!

It couldn’t hurt. Just do it!


Source by Connie Brannan