10 best advisable sites really helpful to get passive income for a freelancer

Sites for freelancer where you work as per you want to

freelancer for passive income to earn
freelancer to earn passive income

Before earning money was going to job places, regularly sitting in one chamber and 9 to 5 jobs for living a life and when you all are stuck to earn extra income or the passive income as this is hard to digest the scenario of doing the perfect job or as a freelancer and getting involved in another one for earning extra fire to fill the pockets.

But after live experiments online I was brought in and got much promoted. Everyone prefers to give a chance to their life and set along with work from home to passive income.

A great saying by Our digital scientist STEVE JOBS..“ The smallest company in the world can look as large as the largest company on the web.”

Undoubtedly, The digital world is a start to our new era and confronting the advantages of using this digital web. As humans, we are so profound with new ways to integrate our ideas in a broad perspective. As we are progressing into a digital world, the humans/the people are getting comprehensive with the start of work globally- Freelancing.

Idea formation:

1. Get all chores done timely by staying at home.

2. We can do all the things like working from home, doing all chores at home, paying bills at one go, practising stats, delivering verbal presentations and conducting online etc.

3. So, why is there a boundary to exploring my passion?

4. Exactly, now there is a solution for not sitting ideally and indulging in doing what you love the most.

Introducing freelancing websites for freelancer which are advisable to one and all, with a small gig to a big one, Freelancing is the most frequent search on the web.

Who are freelancers?

Freelancer segments their work into parts and puts it online from where they can access their liberated jobs or passion jobs and charge money or passive income for the work accordingly. They submit their work proposal first to impress their clients and grab the deal with the best offers.

Sites on which Freelancer can post their sample work and get gigs :

1. Upwork 

 Upwork is where work is chosen on your own terms. Simply you may create your account with some portfolios of your work to showcase your clients and grab the deal.

Freelancers can earn passive income by bidding on the project, explaining the details of what you will provide in the project, discussing it with clients and the opportunity to knock on your doors if you are regular in grabbing it.

In March 2021, Upwork researchers claim that 25% of the employees are eager to work remotely. 

Payment is secure and protected with the whole client receipt. The site expenses as a percentage of your passive income. Charges are dependent on lifetime profit with every customer: 

20% for the first $500 you charge your customer. 

10% for all-out billings somewhere in the range of $500.01 and $10,000. 

5% for all-out billings.

Upwork is an authentic platform where clients may have a chit chat session through an integrated medium via online chats option like skype, google meet etc.

Freelancer -Upwork
Freelancer -Upwork

Freelance site -Upwork

2. 99 designs

Greetings!!! Designers or clients who want to design their business cards, desire to start a business with a website but don’t know whom to contact for YOUR NICHE website for design.

99 designs have all the solutions from integration to well knowing about colour concepts to designing.99 Designs is a freelancing website for freelancer to design, where you all can get your designs done with categories as mentioned: website, web & app design, logo design, business & advertising, books and magazines, clothing merchandise and many more.

99 Designs are the ultimate pack of designs with 24/7 creativity indulgence, 90+designs categories to earn passive income.

Works smoothly: tell your designs, talk with designers, approval is must before delivering designs. Therefore, the freelancer provides the sample work before the confirmation of the clients.

The best site for freelancers for putting creativity in front of the clients


3. Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour founded in 2007 while deflating the 9-5 jobs they initiated with throwing limelight to connect the clients with people who are doing best work but yet not discovered. More than 1 million solutions have been excellently used by PeoplePerHour as a business for clients. Works on the simple principle of buyer and freelancer. Firstly, the buyer proposes the project and finds the freelancer who is connected and registered with Peopleperhour. Clients search for the freelancer’s best projects portfolio as they may charm their clients with ease as pricing affordably may make freelancers a higher rank with desired skills they want to put on to earn passive income through it.

The best platform to explore all freelancers with more facility

Freelance site- Peopleperhour
Freelance site- Peopleperhour

4. Youth4work

 A self-assessment platform where freelancers skills themselves by giving tests from time to time and enhance their capability with Youth4work.

Youth4work helps talents to evolve with their creativity and make them professionals. Professionals provide their service in a more acceptable way to their clients. There is assured scope for job seekers and employers for earning a passive income through this freelancer site. 

Here job seekers may improve their skills by taking tests and pitching the work and employers post their job and find their desired candidate for the job to be done.

Reliable for 50 lac people, Youth4work is a stand-out in many countries and operates with them.


5. Freelancer

Freelancer is a platform where professionals or talents register here, place the sample projects in their portfolios and get work by bidding

The best platform to explore every Niche of work like WordPress designing, mobile web development, social media marketing, freelance writing, ghostwriting etc. Clients love to pitch their projects to Freelancer. Freelancer is one of the largest crowdsourcing marketplaces in which freelancer sites include 247 countries globally connected with 53,485,884 employers and freelancers to earn passive income.

Create a statement to woo the clients as it has a tracker for the progress of the client’s project and payment here is safe and easy.

Freelancer and passive income - Freelancer
Freelancer and passive income – Freelancer

6. Toptal 

Toptal derived from top talent means searching for talented and skill-oriented professionals through a screening process that takes 2-5 days and then selected for the freelancing work. The Toptal allows only 3% of the freelancers to get engaged in the portal with this screening process.

Screening includes language processing and personality: which tests freelancer and detects the communication probability.

In-depth Skill Review: It helps to know about the technical terms and knowledge about their domains and gradually take their test with time to time assessments.

Live Screening:  It tests to let know how a candidate is a problem solver, giving the assessment and live communication. Experience a knowledgeable phase for the candidates to excel in the test.

Test Projects: Gives a handful of experience to know how candidates will deal with the project. So, here the test project is handled by the candidate and gradually takes 1-3 weeks.

Continued excellence: 

Members of Toptal initiate to record all the trackwork and give clients the best experience with all the quality projects.

Best Curated site for freelancers with talent dedication in their domain.

Freelancer and passive income - Toptal
Freelancer and passive income – Toptal

7. Design hill

Designhill comes with a creative freelancer who takes designs to the next level with clients satisfaction. Design hill founded in 2014 with millions of freelancers and individuals alike who are professional best designers and help clients to have design products curated with one article. 

Design hill is also an e-commerce platform that designs and prints apparel to help freelancers to earn more passive income who want to sell by listing their designs.

Design hill comes with unlimited categories in designing, books and apparel and day to day work which makes it simpler for clients to achieve from this.

Freelancer and passive income -design hill
Freelancer and passive income -design hill

8. Fiverr

Fiverr offers clients to end up their projects in the best hands of freelancers. 

Fiverr platform in Feb 2010 with the idea of selling and buying stuff or work digitally online, whether their search for professional or freelancer: Come here.

Fiverr is made to allow small jobs, gigs and work online that appears to be temporary work by which you may earn passive income.

With more than categories, an individual can provide their service and explore Fiverr as this platform leads more than freelancing.

On Fiverr elevate, you will get to know how business may get the rise and how it works professionally with all the tools provided to support your business to elevate.

9. Guru

       Guru is a platform that firmly believes in making individual or professionals dreams come true.

Its vision is to dream, connect, collaborate and make your life passions into a great victory of one’s dream.

Started in 1998, Guru is a good platform for freelancers with 99% clients satisfaction work progress, 8000,000 worldwide employers and doing with the paid invoices over 1 million.

Guru draws attention with the connection building and minds mapping the projects into the saturation to create out of box work timely. Best Platform To explore for passive income.

Freelancer and passive income -Guru
Freelancer and passive income -Guru

10. Webflow

Webflow is a software website to build all related web technology like website designs, responsive working flow on the website, development of the websites and all related NICHE technology.

Webflow is an engine that provides freelancer to conduct their professional skills on the web flow for free and then recount their service for clients by building a portfolio at webflow to earn passive income.

Webflow came into existence in 2013 with drastic changes in the web world.

Best Platform to seek knowledge with practicality in web technology.

Freelancer and passive income-webflow
Freelancer and passive income-webflow

Summary of great extent in earning passive income will become a lifesaver for many.

With outgrown tech, life will have to take these platforms to the limelight for survival skills too. Due to the pandemic, Work from home is the new trend of every sector. So, these sites are wonderful not only in earning but improvising skills of a freelancer in many aspects of turning simple life into a professional approach. Work it like a boss and crash the performa in your domain with good rankings.

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