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Movies About Photographers- Must watch

Photographer movies
Photographer movies

The lenses of the camera are on with well-depicted movies which are searching for inspiration. Watching the movies with the best cinematography, best storyline relives the emotions. How passionate they write their scripts which reflects all the parts more piously beautiful.

These Emotions carve your dreams when you are just going to begin a new life or a passion you acquire at the age of 40 or starting your business with a vision. We all require movies to get ideas with inspiration.RIGHT!!! 

As a reflection of the non-stop career in the present generation, you will have seen an endless number of cinematography movies about photographers and the best is to draft the characters and think back while exploring yourself. 

Enlisting the dramatic movies about Photographers or playing as a photographer while reviewing the film will let you griddle out the cold vibe in you.

Sure, you will get a lot to learn and explore your inner soul for following your dreams.

Enlist Dramatic Movie About Photographers

1. Photograph ( amazon Video Presentation)

The photograph movie revolves around “Nawazuddin Siddiqui” played as Rafi is a Photographers who clicks photographs of the tourist and helps them keep memories captured in the beautiful click done by him. On the other hand, “Sanya Malhotra” played Miloni pursuing an accounting degree.

Rafi and Miloni meet at gateway Mumbai. Rafi persuade her to click a picture with a smile on her face and 

for the first time, she believes that she has a lot with her other than studying or getting married.

They both eventually got set up as Rafi’s grandmother was keenly interested in Rafi’s marriage as Rafi send the pic of Miloni to bluff her grandmother that he got the bride as Rafi’s grandmother was going all around with tantrums if Rafi will not get a girl for him then she will not take her medicine. This story ends without completion like any other movie. 

Do watch the movie. Directed by Ritesh Batra who also directed the movie“ The Lunchbox ”

Photograph movie
Photograph movie

2. Life – Documentary Movie

Life is a true documentary which circulates by the cast of a photographer Name Dennis stock played by “Robert Pattinson” who got the shooting assigned for the famous Hollywood actor James Dean played by “ Dane Dehaan ”  gradually they develop a unique friendship which leads to travelling to New York, Indiana and many more.

This unbreakable alignment bond movie got as many critics with positive reviews.

Director Anton Corbijn gave most dramatic movies a picturisation of bonds as he is a music photographer who pursued his career as a prime career.


3. Kodachrome 

Kodachrome movie directed by Mark Raso in which Matt Rayder played by “ Jason Sudeikis ” owns a record company that was at a loss as his most important 

the client signed with another company.

His father’s Advisor, assistant and nurse Zooey played by “Elizabeth Olsen” called to inform Matt that his Father Ben played by “ Ed harris ” was critically ill and as he was photographer so he wanted to go to Dwayne’s photoshop as it was the last shop to develop the photos which were his last wish before he died.

The movie plot is emotional and romantic too.

Do watch it as it makes you remember how your parents are willing to give so much to you and love you.


4. The secret life of Walter Mitty(2013 film)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a Netflix movie which is an adventure comedy genre film directed by Ben Stiller starring Ben Stiller as Walter Mitty who plays a manager at Life magazine who believes and dreams of adventure life and has a loved colleague named Cheryl Melhoff played by Kristen Wiig.

Mitty works with photographer journalist SeanO’Connell as he didn’t have the meeting with O’Connell played by Sean Penn. O’Connell sends some negative to Mitty for the publishing on magazine’s final print issue as he thought it would be a great success with these #25 negatives but Mitty got devastated when he found out that negative’s got missed, with the help of his colleagues Ted Hendricks played by Adam Scott and his love and coworker Cheryl Melhoff got into an adventure of finding negatives and do watch this to experience the journey.

The secret life of Walter Mitty(2013 film)-PHOTOGRAPHERS
The secret life of Walter Mitty(2013 film)-PHOTOGRAPHERS

5. Shutter (2004 film)

The shutter is a horror film which is a Thai movie available on Netflix encounters a deep regression on Jane played by Natthaweeranuch Thongmee and her boyfriend Tun played by Ananda Everingham got into an accident by killing the lady from her car and as her boyfriend advise to leave the lady abandoned on the road.

As Tun sees an unusual white shadow in the pics of every shoot by captured in-camera as he was the photographer and then he suffered from neck pain and overweight and Tun can’t figure out the actual thing about the neck pain then he figures out with the help of Jane that the ghost is Tun’sex girlfriend who cursed herself and told Tun if he does the breakup she will commit suicide and she does the exact thing.

An adventurous horror movie must watch as it explains an important moral.


6. The salt of the earth ( 2014 film)

  The movie is itself a self ovation for Salgado directed by himself and proceeding to act in his photography movies he shows that nature and humans terms with each other and how devastated humans have made the earth with his black and white photograph.

The plot tells you how he finds his passion for becoming a Photographer through a sting operation done by his wife with the purchased camera and then he discovers his love for photography.

Must watch as it’s an opportunity for photographers to learn from him and depict his life on the passion is what the salt of the earth wants to narrate you all.

The salt of earth-Photographers
The salt of earth-Photographers

7. 3 idiots ( 2009 film)

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani 3 idiots are the best trio group besties of ENGINEERING COLLEGE where Wildlife photographer Farhan was not interested in studying engineering but in his parent’s pressure neglected his passion. After 10 years, when they finally met with more hassle in their individual life, they came to know about their best friend who always wanted to achieve no matter what anyone was thinking or saying.

The Best Movie-inspired by the novel ” Five point someone” written by Chetan Bhagat.