3 greatest tools for online image cropping


Undoubtedly, the crop image tool is the most used photo editing tool. It’s happened to all of us: your ex is in the most beautiful picture you’ve ever had. The result wasn’t good. You don’t want to always see the photo and be reminded of them. You won’t delete it though because it’s a really good picture! You look amazing because of it! It was taken when you visited that renowned person, traveled to your sister’s wedding, or scaled Everest.

You can crop out that pesky ex and share your awesome shot without anybody assuming you are back together if you use a free picture cropper. Use an image cropping tool to concentrate on the main subject of the photo while removing distracting elements. And by “distracting factors” we primarily refer to ex-lovers who photobomb occasions.

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As an online image and file converter, onlineconvertfree.com is well known and respected. You might consider editing the photographs before conversion using this online converter. You can crop the image of your choosing here without any difficulty. You can use this program without difficulty if you’re looking for one to crop photographs online. You can also convert an image between several formats in addition to that.

You should upload the picture first. After choosing an output format, you must carry out the conversion. You will be given the option to crop images or make a variety of other modifications in the interim.

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3 greatest tools for online image cropping


Pixlr is a free online photo editor, image cropper, and template creator. It takes up very little computer space and doesn’t need to be downloaded because it is available online. You can use your account by logging in on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. It contains a library of stock photos and posting templates for social networking.

We like that you can choose right away whether you need a basic design editor (Pixlr X) or an advanced picture editor (Pixlr E), freeing the interface from any unnecessary features. Both editing interfaces have a cropping option for images. Although the editor has been greatly compressed, Pixlr X features a little easier crop tool. Even though the Pixlr E editor has more features, beginning picture editors can find the crop tool unsettling.

A free online image editor and cropper for beginners is called Fotor. Quick and easy menu navigation and tool discovery are provided. Given that there aren’t many features, they are set up so you can see everything at once. All modifications are made with a single click, and an intensity slider is accessible.


Fotor is a helpful tool for cropping pictures because of all the cropping possibilities it offers. Choose from freeform, a preset aspect ratio, the original ratio, or a cropped image shape like a heart, triangle, or circle. There are also a ton of settings for social networking sites like Facebook Cover and the YouTube Thumbnail.

There are numerous programs that have an image crop feature. The majority of picture editors use it. To find the best cropping tool, though, may require a lot of work. We have put together a list of the top 7 free picture croppers to help you save your memories while letting go of the past.