Forklift & Compactor – Best for Infra Operations

Volvo SD110C

Forklifts and compactors are breakthroughs for the infra industry. These two machines have made the loading, lifting, unloading, and compacting of materials much more effortless and fast. However, with so many options available around, selecting the suitable one gets tough.

So, here we bring you two options of dependable and best-in-segment forklifts and compactors from brands like Linde and Raymond.

Top 2 Forklift & Compactors from Linde & Volvo

A. Linde MR12AP Forklift Truck

Linde MR12AP is a widely popular equipment suitable for lifting up to 1200 kg of goods in a warehouse or around any infrastructure. 

In addition, with a length of 1242 mm, a width of 850/988 mm, and a turning radius of 1597 mm, this  mini truck can move across any compact space. The Linde MR12AP forklift price is between Rs.18 to 20 Lakh in India. This forklift offers an impressive 1242 mm length for face-to-fork dimension.

B. Volvo SD110C Compactor

Volvo SD110C is a premium quality 99 hp, compactor in India, suitable for compaction of any size of material. The Volvo compactor price is not yet public. This compactor provides an impressive full-turn static tipping load (FTSTL) of 11100 Kg. This model’s drum width of 2134 mm helps with precise compaction even on the narrowest roads. This Compactor has a high 196-liter fuel tank capacity to support the long haul of cruising. 

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