Are Cranes from Sany & Priya Ideal for Indian Construction?

Are Cranes from Sany & Priya Ideal for Indian Construction

The construction industry of India is evolving at a faster yet constant rate. To illustrate, one can often notice how different equipment brands launch new models. Be it cranes, excavators, dozers, or wheeled loaders. For instance, brands like Sany and Priya are going to be popular due to their crane models consisting of advanced technology. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss the top 2 cranes of these brands.

Top 2 Cranes in 2023 Under 15 Lakhs Price Range


This crane is one of the promising construction equipment models from Sany. To illustrate, the crane has a maximum height of 104 metres. Such a great height range significantly eases operation for onsite activities. Additionally, this model has a maximum lifting capacity of 220 tons. Moreover, the machine operates with a top speed limit of up to 1333 Kmph. Such a speed limit increases work efficiency for transporting heavy materials while reducing downtime.

Furthermore, the model includes a state-of-the-art safety system. For instance, it consists of a load moment limiter and anti-sway technology. Additionally, the crane has a boom length reaching up to 62 metres. In fact, Sany as a brand is exponentially growing popular in India. For instance, users also query for Sany 220 excavator price in India. More importantly, the cost of this crane ranges from Rs. 9 to 11 Lakhs in India.

Priyaa 3T RS

The Priyaa 3T RS crane is a versatile and efficient machine for heavy lifting and material handling tasks. To begin with its features, the model can reach a height of 6 metres. Additionally, it has a working radius of around 12 metres. Both these features massively increase the work output while reducing downtime. Furthermore, the crane is equipped with a robust boom system that provides excellent stability & precision during operation. Moreover, this crane features a compact and lightweight design, ensuring ease of transport. Above all, the price range of this model starts from Rs. 11 Lakhs and goes up to 13 Lakhs.

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