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If you are looking for a healthier restaurant, there are a number of things to consider. Ideally, we should prepare our foods at home. They will be fresher and more nutritious. But, everyone likes to eat out now and then. It’s fun.

It’s doubtful that you could find a restaurant that serves only healthy food. Some people prefer high fat, high sodium, high calorie, low nutritional value foods, for some reason. It’s probably just a matter of what they have become accustomed to eating.

So, you’ll need to read the menu. In order to tell the good foods from the bad foods on the menu, here are a few pointers.

Choose seafood or chicken breasts, rather than beef, liver or pork. Restaurants tend to use beef with a high fat content. Pork and liver always have a high fat content. Baked or grilled seafood and chicken breasts are lower in calories and total fat than those that are fried.

Most soups, except for French onion, are low in calories and very filling, but they can be high in sodium. Whole grain breads are fast healthy food, but they can have a high glycemic index, which is a concern for people with type II diabetes or hyperglycemia.

If you’re looking for something from a drive through restaurant, about the best you can do is a grilled or baked chicken sandwich, without the mayo. Choosing vegetables other than fried or baked potatoes is a good idea.

If you are trying to lose weight, it might be a good idea to stay away from the restaurants for a while. There are a lot of hidden calories in things that are supposed to be fast healthy food.

Snack foods like granola bars are sometimes thought of as health foods, but they really have too much sugar and not enough granola. Raisins are a pretty good choice, if you want something really sweet. Otherwise, stick with fresh fruit or applesauce whenever possible.

The foods that you eat at the same time, as well as the time of day that you eat are a couple of important considerations. Most people don’t realize it, but certain nutrients can only be absorbed if they are combined with other nutrients.

Remember that food manufacturers are using a marketing strategy when they make claims about providing fast food. They know that millions of people are overweight. They are attempting to tap into that huge market and make millions for their bottom lines. Whether or not those foods are actually good for your health is questionable.

The best foods are those that contain only natural ingredients. They are processed lightly, in order to insure that the nutritional value remains intact.

Use these suggestions when you are looking for fast healthy food. Hopefully, they will make it easier for you to make healthier choices.


Source by Audrey J