Excavator: How Does it Facilitate Infra Industry Growth?

Excavator: How Does it Facilitate Infra Industry Growth?
Excavator: How Does it Facilitate Infra Industry Growth?

Heavy-duty equipment like excavators is a breakthrough technological innovation in the Indian infra industry. Rightly so, its equipment has transformed the landscape of the heavy-duty sector. To illustrate, the machine facilitates a range of tasks, including digging, quarrying, loading, moving materials, etc.

The equipment consists of an arm, a bucket, and a boom. Besides, compact excavators facilitate operation by exerting lesser ground pressure. Moreover, they feature auxiliary hydraulics, hence making the equipment versatile.

Featuring Top 2 Excavators of 2023

LiuGong 908E Excavator

This is one of the best-selling excavators from LiGong. This is because of its remarkable features that deliver high-quality performance. To illustrate, the machine comes equipped with an operating weight of 8000 kg. Such massive weighing capacity ensures maximum work output. Moreover, the engine can generate up to 60 HP, further accelerating work productivity.

Apart from consisting of a high-performing engine, the model has 0.32 cum of bucket capacity to load heavy materials with ease. More importantly, the machine can dig as deep as 4030 mm into the ground. This feature ensures tasks like digging for building foundations, quarrying, landscaping, etc. Comprising all these features, the construction equipment has a price range of Rs. 25-27 Lakhs in India.

Komatsu PC210 LC Excavator

The machine has largely facilitated the Indian infra industry with its highly advanced features. To begin with, the operating weight of this model is around 2100 kg. This particular spec helps increase work output at construction and mining sites.

Additionally, this excavation equipment can dig as deep as 6000 mm into the ground. This feature further improves work productivity while reducing downtime. Moreover, the high-performing engine of this excavator generates up to 165 HP.

Furthermore, 1 cum of bucket capacity facilitates the loading of heavy materials. All these features coalesce to accelerate the overall growth of the concerning projects. More importantly, the model offers reasonable pricing, ranging from Rs. 41 to 43 Lakhs in India.

So, which excavator model will be your next purchase? Whatever be your project’s requirements, we cover it all at InfraJunction.