Excavators in India – Best Excavators for Construction

Excavators in India - Best Excavators for Construction

Hyundai and Volvo both manufacture high-quality excavators. These equipment are a perfect combination of attributes. For instance, reliability, efficiency, and innovative features. Additionally, both companies offer a range of models to suit different applications and budgets. Moreover, they are highly rated by construction professionals for their performance and versatility. If you are considering buying a new excavator, consider models from both Hyundai and Volvo. Thereafter, compare and choose the one that best fits your specific needs and requirements.

Top Excavator 2023 in India

1. HYUNDAI R 210-LC 7 Excavator 

This is a popular excavator from Hyundai. This is a highly sought after model for various reasons. To begin with, it has a high-performing Engine Power which produces up to 157 HP. Such a strong horse power exponentially benefits in increasing the work productivity at construction sites. No, wonder why it is so popular among infra-professionals. Moreover, it has an operating weight of 20000 Kg which is pretty huge! Such a massive capacity has largely facilitated increasing work efficiency. Moreover, this Hyundai 210 can dig as deep as 5820 mm. 

2. Volvo EC210D Excavator 

This model is yet another popular excavator in India. To illustrate, it has a high-performing engine which can generate up to 165 HP. Moreover, it comes with an operating weight of 20000 kgs. Both these attributes together make it one of the best-performing excavators in terms of output and efficiency. Along with a great lifting capacity, the model has a massive digging capacity of around 6730 mm. Furthermore, its tail swing radius is around 2,850 mm. Additionally, the ground clearance capacity of this excavator goes up to 460mm. Above all, the price range of this Volvo 210 ranges from Rs 62 Lakh – 64 Lakh in India. 

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