Are Tata Hitachi & Case Construction Equipment Worth Buying

Are Tata Hitachi & Case Construction Equipment Worth Buying

Tata Hitachi and Case Construction Equipment are both reputable brands in the Indian construction equipment industry. This popularity has been gradual but significant for several reasons. To begin with, Tata Hitachi offers a wide range of durable and high-performance products. Moreover, it manufactures a wide range of equipment, including excavators, backhoe loaders, etc. On the other hand, Case Construction Equipment offers advanced solutions for various construction applications. These solutions include the production of skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, and more. 


TATA Hitachi Ex 110 and Case 770: Features Explained 


Tata Hitachi Ex 110 Excavator 


This excavator is one of the most popular backhoe loader in India. This is because of several reasons. To illustrate, the excavator comes with an operating weight of 11600 Kg. Such a massive capacity adds significantly to the work output. Additionally, it has a high-performing engine generating up to 75 HP. Moreover, it eases the operator’s duty in storing heavy materials, thanks to its bucket capacity of 0.86m3. Furthermore, it can reduce time and effort with its excellent digging capacity of up to 4720mm. Not to forget its trunk capacity of 250.0 L. Above all, the Tata Hitachi Ex 110 price range starts from Rs 46 to 48 Lakhs in India. With all these features intact at a reasonable price, we can say that this is a worth-buying excavator. 


Case 770 Backhoe Loader


Case 770 is a top-performing backhoe loader from Case Construction Equipment. In fact, construction leaders can often be seen backing its attributes. To illustrate, this model comes with an operating weight of 7500 Kg. Additionally, it is equipped with around 140L of Hydraulic oil system. Moreover, it helps in loading heavy materials with a bucket capacity of 1 cum. In fact, there’s a lot more to this backhoe loader. For instance, this machine has advanced electric switches. Additionally, all these features of Case 770 fall under a reasonable price range. 


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