2 Top-Rated Backhoe Loaders from Bull Construction Equipment

2 Top-Rated Backhoe Loaders from Bull Construction Equipment

BULL CH76 and BULL HD 100 are two of the best backhoe loaders from Bull Construction Equipment. This is because of their high efficiency, durability and versatility. Additionally, these machines come with advanced features like powerful engines, maximum operating weight, etc. Hence, all these spectacular attributes make both these models suitable for a wide range of construction applications.

Compare & Choose: BULL CH76 vs BULL HD 100

BULL CH76 Backhoe Loader 

The BULL CH76 Backhoe Loader is a versatile construction machine equipped with several features. To begin with, it comes with an operating weight of 8000 Kg. Such a massive capacity constantly exceeds the level of work output. Additionally, this machine features a powerful engine that further increases work efficiency. Moreover, this model can reach up to the full height of 2960 mm.

Furthermore, BULL CH76 has a superior backhoe bucket capacity of up to 3Cum. Hence, all these features make this machine suitable for various construction tasks. But, more importantly, the Bull backhoe loader price range of this model ranges between Rs. 26- 28 Lakhs in India.

BULL HD 100 Backhoe Loader

This backhoe loader is an excellent choice for construction professionals for several reasons. It operates with the aim of delivering maximum power, efficiency, output, versatility, and cabin comfort in carrying out construction tasks. To illustrate, the machine can reach a full height of 890mm. Moreover, it has an operating weight of 8200 Kg to maximise work output. Additionally, it largely facilitates storing heavy materials, thanks to its backhoe bucket capacity of 1 cum. Above all, its reasonable price range makes Bull HD 100 a worth-buying backhoe loader. To illustrate, its price range begins from 29 Lakhs and can go up to 31 Lakhs. 

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