Free Ways to Export Attachments from Outlook


Summary: Do you want to download attachments from Outlook? But, you do not know how to extract attachments from Outlook. Do not worry. In this article, we will provide the techniques to export attachments from Outlook email clients.

Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client for individual and business purposes. It is a desktop-based email client and it comes as a part of Microsoft Office Suite. It is used for sending and receiving emails, besides this it also includes calendar, task manager, contacts, notes, journals, etc. Sometimes users need to extract attachments from MS Outlook. So, here we will discuss the best solution to complete this task.

Methods to Export Attachments from Outlook

There are two best solutions to save attachments from Outlook. We have explained both manual and professional solutions to extract all attachments from Outlook.

Manual Approach
Alternative Approach

Method 1: Manually Extract Attachments from Outlook

You can  manually export all attachments from Outlook, but there are some disadvantages of this solution. You can only download all attachments from Outlook one by one. You cannot fetch all attachments in bulk from Outlook.

  1. Firstly, Launch MS Outlook on your system.
    2. Now, Open that email from which you want to extract attachments.
    3. Right click on that email and choose Save all Attachments from the drop down list.
    4. All attachments are displayed in a new tab then select all and click on the continue button.
    5. After that, click on Browse to set the destination location to save all extracted attachments and finally click on Ok button.
    To download other attachments, you have to repeat this step over and over again. So, it is a time consuming process. To extract all attachments we use a professional tool that is described in the next section.

Method 2: Expert Solution to Export Attachments from Outlook

Use Xtraxtor Outlook Attachment Extractor to download attachments without any hassle. The tool can conveniently save all attachments at once with complete accuracy. It provides advanced filter options to fetch selected attachments. It maintains 100% data integrity and folder hierarchy during the process.

Apart from this, the simplified user interface of this tool helps you to easily export attachments from Outlook. You can download this tool on any version of Windows Operating Systems. The best thing about this tool is that it has a free demo version to check how it works efficiently.

Steps to Export Attachments from Outlook Using Professional Tool

Step 1. Download and Run Xtraxtor Outlook Attachment Extractor on your system

Step 2. Now, Navigate on Open >> Outlook Data Files >> Choose Configured Outlook Data Files

Step 3. After that, click on Extract and Select Attachments option

Step 4. At last, click on Save button to save the resultant files

The process is done. Now, go to the destination location and check the downloaded attachments.

Why Use Outlook Attachment Extractor?

The software has many benefits that help you to export attachments from Outlook which are given below-

Auto Detect Outlook Installation- The software has auto detection features that allow you to recognize the default location of Outlook emails. It automatically detects the Outlook mailbox folder and enables you to export attachments from Outlook folders.

Search and Preview Option- If you want to save attachments from specific emails that contain a particular keyword then this tool is the perfect solution for you. The software provides a preview option to view the data before the extraction process.

Export Attachments from Other Email Clients- Using this tool, you can extract attachments from Thunderbird, Yahoo, Windows Live Mail, Gmail and other web mail accounts.

Save at Desired Location- The software allows you to save the resultant files at your desired location. So, you can easily access them after the extraction process for further use.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy- Xtraxtor Outlook Attachment Extractor does not modify any data during the process. It maintains metadata and folder structure and gives accurate results after the extraction process.

Vast Compatibility- The software supports all latest and old versions of Windows Operating Systems. It is also compatible with all Outlook versions.


In this post we have discussed the two techniques to export attachments from Outlook. You can use any of them as per your needs. But, the manual method does not allow you to do bulk extraction. However, experts recommend using a third party tool to download all attachments at once without losing any single bit of data.