Features and Benefits of Skechers Shape Ups | Nutrition Fit



You might have noticed some people walking around with these weird looking shoes made by Skechers. They look like the old moon shoes of back in the day. Did you know that these people are subtly getting a workout just by wearing these all day? You might have some questions about how they work, and what the features and benefits are. Here are a couple.

Unlocks the knees – Rather than standing on your heels and centering your weight over your arches, your knees are unlocked, thus taking pressure off the knee joints and putting the weight on your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, relieving also back pain.

Like walking on sand – This is a great analogy. The point of walking on sand is to increase the use of your stabilizer muscles and make muscles work harder. Thus the point of wearing Shape Ups is to make your body work harder using muscles that it normally doesn’t use.

Works with insoles – You can definitely add insoles to your Shape Ups. The only concern would be that traditionally, people who wear insoles have major issues with prontation / supination. Due to the soft kinetic wedge and the instability of the shoe, the insoles don’t have a solid platform to center on. Some people might have the over exaggerate their pronation / supination issues. So, bring your insoles with you to to the store when you try on the Shape Ups.

Longevity – Shape Ups have about twice the life of a traditional pair of running shoes. The average running shoe lasts about 300 miles, or about three months if you run or walk 25 miles per week. The Skechers rep that I spoke with said that he once heard about a 240 pound guy who wore the Shape Ups for eight to ten hours a day, needing to replace them after five months.


Source by Blake M Talvitz