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In the area of psychic and spiritual study, the aura is the energy field surrounding the body that reflects our mental and physical condition. The halos you see in traditional religious art represent the aura of the holy person. But most people can’t see the aura and refuse to believe that it exists. It might help to know what the aura is and how it functions. After all, understanding leads to acceptance.

Little scientific research has been done on the subject of the human aura. However, in 1911, Dr. Walter Kilner published a book claiming that he could see the aura and use it to diagnose disease. Unfortunately, his accuracy was not good. In the mid-20th Century, Russian Semyon D. Kirlian developed a process for photographing the aura, and Kirlian photography became the rage in the West. Skeptics argue that the photography is a trick and have strong arguments to support their doubts. Further, digital charlatons have been known to doctor photographs to create the appearance of an aura, making aura photography a profitable con game.

Despite the misuse of the concept and the frauds that may have occurred, the concept of the aura is an ancient one shared by sages and holy people throughout human history. Modern psychics believe they can see the aura, and scientists are hard-put to prove it doesn’t exist.

If you’re on a journey of spirit, though, the aura can be a very real part of life. A weak aura can indicate illness or psychological stress and trauma. A strong aura reveals good physical and emotional balance and health.

How Can I Strengthen My Aura?

All stars have auras, and as Carl Sagan pointed out, we are made of star stuff. The aura is the area of light or magnetism, sometimes called plasma, that surrounds us. Strengthening one’s aura involves improving one’s health and, more importantly, improving one’s spirit. We do not improve our aura, we improve the inner strength that produces it.

So if you want a stronger aura, you need to work on the inner you. Each of us is a spiritual being in human form. But as we are socialized and taught to live in the world of men, we lose touch with our spiritual nature. In order to strengthen the aura, a person must somehow find a way to re-discover and nurture his or her spiritual nature.

You need to educate your self in spiritual matters, whether through traditional organized religion or personal investigation. You should read and study one or all of the major holy texts: the Christian Bible, the Islamic Qur’an, and the Hindu Bhagavad Gita. Then you should put the spiritual principles contained in these texts to your everyday life. There is great truth in the old saying, “The truth shall set you free.”

Do not be misled by New Age fads and fanciful imaginings. While there may be some truth to approaches like astrology, palm-reading, Tarot cards, divination, and other quasi-spiritual pursuits, they do not get to the core of the matter – the soul. In fact, they can be a dangerous diversion from true spiritual growth.

Focusing on the light within you is the only way to strengthen the aura. And there are many tools available to help you undertake this effort. Meditation is probably the best known and most powerful method, and it involves much learning, practice, and patience to become an effective meditator for this purpose. A little research will reveal that there are many well-accepted meditation techniques. It may be helpful to begin with some simple yoga, exercises that help you stretch, learn to discipline your breathing, and find your inner spiritual center.

A stronger aura is the happy by-product of hard spiritual work. Other by-products are better physical and emotional health, inner peace and tranquility, and the joy of a clear awareness of the strong relationship between the stars and human beings. We are all made of star stuff. That’s what the aura is all about. Star stuff.


Source by Abhishek Agarwal