How do I transfer my Android contacts to Outlook?

vCard to PST

Are you looking for a solution to transfer my Android contacts to Outlook? If so, then your search ends here. In this web page, we have explained the correct and recommended solution that can solve your problem immediately. So if you want to know the process, read this blog at the end to solve your question here.

Android is an operating system that powers devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. It was developed by Google in 2003. Google has Android for 1 billion smartphones. It also offers many default apps including Contacts.

Our Corbett Technical Support has received several requests from these types of customers. In the end, we decided to provide a comprehensive guide on how to transfer my Android contacts to Outlook. No direct or manual solution can work properly. Therefore, here we use automated software to perform this solution quickly.

How do I transfer my Android contacts to Outlook?

vCard Converter Tool is the best magic solution that can convert vCard files in bulk in a single try. This software can provide accurate results with 100% data protection. This tool is easy to use for non-professionals to save time and effort.

  1. Download vCard Converter and install it on your PC.
  2. Select vCard contacts and upload them to the software panel.
  3. After that select PST in the list of export options.
  4. At last, choose the resulting location and click Convert to get the resulting file immediately.

Main benefits of using professional software?

  • It offers many more options to convert VCF to CSV, PST, TXT, and CSV.
  • This software offers the possibility to select a file or a folder at will.
  • It maintains data integrity during conversion and remains unchanged.
  • You can convert multiple vCard files into single VCF files using the same software.
  • This software protects all data during the process.


Final Verdict

In this article, we have explained the process of transferring my Android contacts to Outlook. Due to several limitations and risk of data loss. We do not recommend you choose. You are free to choose automated software to complete the solution very easily.

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In a free version, you can export the first 10 files from each folder to check the working speed and fun features. After getting familiar with this tool, you can purchase the premium edition to convert unlimited files without encountering any errors or difficulties.