How Great Pleasure Starts with Erectin™?


It’s no secret – weak erections ruin sex lives and relationships around the world. But with so many contrivance in market today, It’s hard to find a real natural alternative which which actually works. That’s where Erectin steps in. Erectin is unlike anything you’ve tried before. This is because this revolutionary formula is clinically proven to help increase erection hardness, penetration capacity and overall sexual satisfaction. Most companies wouldn’t dare to put their formula to the test in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. But we did, and the results speak for themselves.

But what makes Erectin truly different and more effective than other options is the combination of advanced absorption technologies. This is the “secret” to great results. These cutting-edge advances in bioavailability work by quickly fueling your system with our special erection pump formula – for great sex, whenever you’re ready. Read more

Erectin help with Erectile Difficulties

  1. Achieve harder erections
  2. Improve your ability to maintain an erection
  3. Increase your ability to penetrate your partner
  4. Boost your sex drive and libido
  5. Elevate your orgasm intensity
  6. Improve overall sexual satisfaction

Take a Look Inside the Erectin Formula

Erectin is great invention for long lasting and satisfied sex life. Let’s discuss the natural ingredients which form Erectin.

ü Saw Palmetto – Berry

Saw Palmetto is a popular nutrient for improving prostate health. It is critical for sexual function, and that’s why it’s part of the Erectin formula.

ü Muira Pauma Bark Extract – Woody Parts

This powerful natural aphrodisiac is also nicknamed the “erection root.” It’s been studied extensively and found to help men improve erections, sexual function and libido.

ü Ginkgo Biloba Extract – Leaf

This popular cognitive enhancing nutrient is also important for good sex. Ginkgo helps increase the blood flow in your body to help improve erection quality and strength.

ü Chinese Hawthorn – Berry

This powerful blood-pumping nutrient helps stimulates blood flow to help you achieve harder erections for longer periods of time.

ü Tribulus Terrestris Seed Extract – Seed

Tribulus Terrestris is a fruit-producing plant from the Mediterranean. It’s been shown to improve libido by stimulated testosterone production.

ü Trichilia Catigua or Catuaba 4:1 Extract – Bark

Catuaba originates from South America and contains unique alkaloids that help reduce fatigue, increase energy and improve sleep. On top of that, it’s also known to enhance sexual function.

ü Damiana 4:1 Extract – Leaf

People have used this yellow flowering plant for centuries because of its powerful aphrodisiac effects. It works by promoting oxygen supply and blood flow to your penis.

ü Korean Red Ginseng Extract – Root

Korean Red Ginseng is popular around the world for its sexual enhancing benefits. The earliest recorded use was over 3,500 years ago as an aphrodisiac to help men improve sexual vigor and stamina.

ü Cuscuta Chinensis 4:1 Extract – Seed

For centuries, men have used Cuscuta to improve sexual function. It also provides major cardiovascular benefits, because its good for your heart, arteries and endothelial system.

ü Epimedium 4:1 Extract – Stem and Leaf

Epimedium is an all-natural nitric oxide boosting phenomenon. This amazing plant contains powerful chemical compounds to help improve your erections, libido and sexual performance.

ü BioPerine Black Pepper Extract – Fruit

BioPerine is a special patented form of black pepper extract that helps you increase nutritional uptake. That means you’ll be able to absorb the Erectin formula better. BioPerine is like a supercharger to help you benefit the most from the Erectin formula.