How Surveillance Cameras Are One’s, Silent Guardians

surveillance camera Dubai

These days, a surveillance camera in Dubai has become an essential part of one’s lifestyle. They provide the necessary protection so that one can have peace of mind. Surveillance cameras became mandatory in Dubai in July 2014 for all businesses and homes. It proved to be a boon and served its purpose as it provided much-needed security. However, before making a purchase, a common question arises: “Which one should I buy?”

What Are Some Dependandable Camera Types?

There are so many surveillance cameras in the market today that one would get spoilt for choices. But people need to buy the “right camera”, rather than the best camera. Expensive cameras are unnecessary in most cases. One needs to create a list and find out how security enhancements can be made. There are many cameras on the market, and each of them serves multiple purposes. Choosing the “right” one from the following list is essential. Some cameras and their features:

1) Dome Surveillance Cameras

  • Dome cameras are easy to install and be used outdoors and indoors. 
  • They are ideal for the hospitality industry, shops, and cash counters.
  • The structure is such that it is hard to decipher the camera’s direction.
  • They are very resistant to breakage.

2) PTZ Pan-tilt Surveillance Camera

  • These cameras can pan and tilt, Even While Zooming in or out.
  • Live viewing and facial recognition.
  • High resolution and 360-degree view.
  • Ideal for offices, entry and exit gates, and high-security zones.

3) Bullet Surveillance Cameras

  • Highly resistant to weather and wear and tear, these cameras are ideal for the outdoors.
  • They can capture from long distances and are visible from far away.
  • These cameras are well suited for factories, warehouses, and farms.

4) Day – Night Surveillance Cameras

  • These cameras can capture clear footage irrespective of light conditions.
  • They have a tough exterior that makes them resistant to wear and tear and weather conditions.
  • Ideal for outdoor monitoring in industrial compounds.

5) High Definition (HD) Surveillance Cameras

  • The main feature of these types of cameras is clarity of vision.
  • Individuals are easily recognizable – This is the highest selling point.
  • HD cameras are ideal in theft-prone areas and high-security zones.

6) Wireless Surveillance Cameras

  • Wireless cameras are easy to install and neat in appearance.
  • They are ideal for small to mid-sized office rooms and presentation halls.
  • What sets them apart is that one can get live footage from a remote area. 

There are many other cameras on the market. Before choosing, the customer needs to keep the circumstances and requirements in mind and select accordingly.

AMC CCTV Solutions System is always here to cater to your requirements. We have over seventeen years of experience in surveillance, and we guarantee to see to all your needs. Please reach out to us if you need a maintenance-related solution regarding your surveillance camera in Dubai.