Top Ways An Online Tool To Compare Sql Changes Can Be Helpful


You may need to compare SQL server data in different tables to compare SQL data changes. This helps in deploying SQL Server database contents quickly, smoothly, and with no errors. If you are working with live databases, backups, or SQL scripts, there is a risk of damaged or missing data. Using Compare SQL changes you can restore data in a single row without going for full database recovery.

A tool for the said purpose can help you save time in comparing and synchronizing data. You can copy data from development databases directly to production and generate T-SQL scripts to update a database, and also deploy data to SQL Server, SQL Azure, etc.

The Tools

Some tools can help you make changes in a row without writing any code. Indeed, you can do it online without writing a single line of code. Using these tools, you can automatically create a database model and make changes to it. You can also generate a new SQL script by importing your existing SQL script and also generate Alter scripts to effect synchronization between databases. This is possible with the help of a data modeling tool. 

Benefits of Tools 

In general, you need to write lines of coding to create and edit database tables. You also need to write statements to add, modify and/or delete data to define the database. Not that you need to just write statements, you also need to keep a track of every single statement that you have used to create or modify a model or database. This is not just tedious and time-consuming, this is also prone to errors. However, using Compare SQL changes feature of a data modeling tool you can do the same accurately, in much less time, and with almost no error. These tools also generate Alter scripts to make the creation and modifications of databases easy and quick. Synchronization can make sure that certain modifications made in one model are reflected in others.


If you are looking for a way to make database modifications easy and compare data in a specific table in different databases. You need to make sure that you take the help of a tool that makes this easy. If you are using traditional ways, you need to write lines of coding and also generate Alter scripts. An online data modeling tool can make the whole job easy, smooth, and quick. You just need to make sure that you are choosing the right tool.