How to Turn a Guy on With Hot Text Messages



It’s wicked fun to be able to text your guy anytime, anywhere and get him all hot and bothered with endless sexy texting ideas. Here’s 3 hot texting ideas to use on your guy right now.


Tip #1: Know what your man does to you that’s a turn on

What about your man is so sexy to you that he does in and out of the bedroom? Make a list as long as you can and write it down. If you can think of 10 to 20 things he does that turns you on, that’s a great start.

Tip #2: Know what turns on your guy that you do to HIM

What about you turns on your guy? What drives him wild about what you do to him… what you wear… what you say when you are together? Brainstorm and make a list as long as you can and write it down.

Tip #3: Create explicit descriptive images

If you have ever read any erotica, you know how masterfully the writer can explicitly describe a hot and steamy scene that can get you aroused in a heartbeat. Well, a sexy text is made up of words that will create the same kind of steamy images in your guy’s mind. You can create hot and sexy text messages out of normal, even boring, activities… REALLY!


Sexy Text Message #1

You: “Hey babe. I’m doing my laundry and I’m holding something that made me get hot thinking about you… ”

Him: “Yeah. What’s that?”

You: “A pair of shorts. You looked so hot in your bike shorts yesterday. I couldn’t keep my eyes off your sexy bulge.”

Him: “You couldn’t huh?”

You: “I wanted so badly to pull you close to me and grab hold your xxxxx and start xxxxx it.”

Him: “I’ll bring some whipped cream over tonight and let you do it to me all night long!”

You: “Can’t wait.”

Sexy Text Message #2

You: “Hey babe. I just got out of the shower and started massaging my body lotion all over me. I got hot thinking about something you do to me… ”

Him: “You know I love to do all kinds of things to you. Which one are you thinking of?”

You: I’m thinking about how aroused I get when you give my hard nipples a twist with your magic fingers and then gently bite them.”

Him: “Can you touch your nipples right now for me and tell me how it feels?”

You: “Yes baby I can… ”

Sexy Text Message #3

You: “Hey babe. I’m getting ready to go to work. I’ve got something in my hands that made me think of you and I’m getting turned on… ”

Him: “Whatcha got in your hot little hands?”

You: “I’ve got my favorite red lipstick in my hands… ”

Him: “Yeah, you look hot with that color on.”

You: “I’m thinking about how I love to kiss your neck and nibble on your earlobes while I’m sitting on your lap.”

See how easy it is to take something ordinary you’re doing and combine it with vivid images of something that turns on your guy and use it to send a sexy text?

The more personal, the more explicit and descriptive the hotter and sexier your text message will be.

Send these kinds of sexy texts to your guy and revel in the response you’ll get. It’s wicked fun to be able to turn on your guy by sending him hot and sexy texts anytime and anywhere. He’ll be totally distracted thinking lusty thoughts about you.


Source by Natalie Monroe