Bodybuilder Puffy Nipples



A common complaint among bodybuilders is the formation of puffy nipples on their otherwise lean bodies. Bodybuilders are especially sensitive to this fact as they spend so much time working on their physique, that slightest perceived imperfection causes them great duress. There are many different causes for bodybuilders puffy nipples, and while some can be treated naturally, others can only be addressed through surgery.

There is an entire movement within the bodybuilder community for dealing with bodybuilders puffy nipples. They have many different creative names for the problem, but one thing remains constant; puffy nipples are considered the scourge of the bodybuilder community. For these people who work so hard towards physical perfection, to have one small aspect of their body completely beyond their control is sometimes too much for them to handle.

Because there are many different points of origin that cause bodybuilders puffy nipples, there is an equally large pool of potential solutions. There is however no one quick fix for all of the problems, so speaking with a qualified surgeon and physician is necessary to both diagnose the cause of the puffy nipples, and to find a reasonable solution to the problem. Hormonal solutions can range in price from $50-$400, and surgery can often cost as much as $4000-$5000 depending on the complexity involved.

Occasionally bodybuilders will have a disproportionate amount of fat deposits in their chest muscles. This is not disproportionate to the rest of society’s fat distribution, but rather just to the very low body fat percentage that bodybuilders have. This can lead to two potential problems. In some instances when a bodybuilder flexes this causes the muscle to push the fat foreword, causing the appearance of puffy nipples. The other occurrences when there is simply a small amount of fat located in the chest region that causes the bodybuilders puffy nipples.

It is also possible for bodybuilders puffy nipples to be the result of abnormally large glands in the chest behind the nipple. There are three potential causes for these enlarged glands. In some people the glands are just abnormally large, and can only be treated with corrective surgery. Other people are subject to widely swinging hormone shifts, such as that which occurs during adolescence, and will see the size of their glands fluctuate. This fluctuation often goes away overtime as hormone levels steady out. Self induced fluctuations, like those that occur in people who use steroids will also cause puffy nipples. Because it is somewhat common for bodybuilders to use steroids you’ll see a higher percentage of body builders with puffy nipples.

All of these causes for bodybuilders puffy nipples can be solved with varying surgical techniques. There are a few different popular surgical techniques for dealing with this, but most all include some form of liposuction sculpting to maintain the proper chest profile. In the most simple of cases excess fat can just be sucked out, removing the puffiness. With glandular problems, the bodybuilder may have to have the glands behind his nipples removed. In this event the surgeon will also use liposuction to sculpt the chest to prevent a caved in appearance around the nipple.

When choosing a surgeon for your solution, shop around and check out before and after pictures of that surgeons work. You should evaluate not only pictures taken immediately after the surgery, but also pictures taken four months post op. A good surgeon will keep track of his patient’s progress post operation, and will have all of this information available to you. Evaluate your options carefully, as this will be a decision that literally sticks with you for the rest of your life; better to get it done right the first time, than have to correct sloppy work in the future.


Source by Brian Mancow