4 Hot Sex Tips – Giving Her An Orgasm By Sucking Her Breasts and Stroking Her Deep Vaginal Spot



If you want to get your woman totally hot and bothered you can do it by starting her out with breast orgasms and then totally sending her into orbit with some volcanic eruptions on her deep vaginal spot. Her body will convulse, shake, quiver, and pulsate for a long time as you suck her breasts. and stroke her deep spot! It’s quite easy to accomplish this but it not what most men think it is. You have to change your thinking to get the best results! Just follow these 4 simple steps!

Step One. It is always important to get the woman in the right mood for love. There’s many songs and poems written about this subject. She must be relaxed and feel safe. Remember, women give sex for love. So, give your woman as much love and adoration as possible.

Step Two. Don’t just go in for the gusto by sucking her breasts or stroking her deep spot. You need to take this step by step. What woman doesn’t like hugging and kissing?

A great make out and kissing session is mandatory. The hotter you can get it, the better.

Step Three. Once she is whimpering and has asked you to suck her breasts or actually taken her hands and put them on her boobs, then you know that it is the right time. Don’t do it prematurely. It shows bad taste, that you are an amateur, and that you don’t really care for her. Besides, it’s fun to make her wait for it. Anticipation is everything.

Don’t go for the nipple right away. Again, tease her and make her wait for it.

You can stroke, kiss, and lick the other parts of her globes. Once you finally do touch her nipples – and you should touch them with a very light touch – make sure than it is an intermittent touch.

Tease her nipples for a few minutes until she starts with deep moaning and wants more. Remember, the woman will always either tell you she wants more or give you clues that are hard to ignore.

Once you get that feedback, suck her breasts and nipples harder and harder. You want to duplicate an in and out movement that will drive her nuts.

Remember, that she has a nerve in her nipple that connects to her clitoris. Suck her nipples hard enough, without hurting her, that the sensation travels all the way down.

This may take 5 to 30 minutes. But it will be an exciting time. Most women can have a breast orgasm if you do it correctly. Remember, that practice makes perfect.

Step Four. Once she has either had a nice breast climax or is so hot she can’t stand it then you should go down to her vagina.

The deep spot is located 8 inches inside at the top of her vagina. So you must either stroke with your penis and hit it directly or stroke her powerfully enough that the movements cause a ripple effect that reaches her deep spot. The third way you can get it is by your hot emission of semen.

The best position to reach this spot is where you are sitting on a chair and she is straddling you and leaning back. In this way she can control the angle and the penetration.

Try this out and get her feedback. Within a few sessions you should be getting her both types of orgasms. It will be worth your time to try this. She’ll love you for it!

Remember, the more successful orgasmic combinations that you know and can employ, the more fun that you will have.


Source by Rachel LaDue