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Weight loss is a highly reviewed issue among the dieters. There are various diets and tips made available to lose weight all through the internet. The prime idea is to become fit & slim without any side effects. You may lose around 18 pounds in 21 days but you need to take care of certain things. Safe and permanent weight loss is not a miracle but a process of education.

Here are some points to be considered in order to lose 18 pounds in 21 days without any side effects:

o Whenever you go for a weight losing diet, try to be well informed about its ingredients. Weight losing diets usually deprive you of certain nutrients. You need to take these on your own to maintain a balance in your body. For instance some high protein diets do not provide you vitamins. In that case you should take multi vitamin tablets.

o A majorly followed misconception is that the low fat diet results in permanent weight loss. Your body requires certain amount of fat also. Low fat diet is not really the answer to your problem. The balanced diet must comprise of at least 30% fat.

o The low calorie diets on the other hand so not make you slim. In fact it reduces the fat burning capacity of your body there by losing all possible chances of weight loss. So, starving yourself won’t actually help you.

o It is even tough to become slim using a low carbs diet as these plans are too hard to be followed. These in turn reduce your energy making it really tough to follow the so called plan.

Food is not your enemy. You can actually lose 18 pounds in 21 days with the help of a newly introduced concept of calorie shifting. Your body burns exactly the same number of calories that you take every day. This concept works on the principle that the body has to be given different kinds of calories each day. So you need to sense the changes in the amount of calories in your body and shift them in a very special way. This improves your metabolism and helps in faster weight loss.

Britney Spears had used a relatively similar theory and she actually lost 26 pounds in one month. Calorie shifting is made available to you through a diet plan called Fat Loss 4 Idiots. This program promises you to lose 18 pounds in 21 days. It should be clearly noted that it is neither a product nor a supplement; it is a diet plan to be followed. There is no free trial pack but a huge discount is being offered. You can buy the same from the company’s official website.

Presently there are no comments and reviews available on the internet for this plan as it has been introduced recently. But the concept seems to be effective to lose 18 pounds in 21 days.


Source by Stephanie Garrett