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Many things can be personalized. Many personalized things are a great promotional too. But some are greater. Personalized water bottles are among those that are greater. And, therefore, they make great corporate gifts too.

It’s true, personalized water bottles make great corporate gifts. But not all the time.

Most marketers don’t mess up when it comes to matching gift with gift recipient. Most marketers don’t give a personalized bottle to someone who’s going to hate it. But most marketers still mess up with corporate gifts, whether it’s bottles, mugs or whatever.

They mess up because they don’t think of promotional products marketing, or all marketing, quite right. By that I mean, they create marketing campaigns that do not intend to touch the corporate gift recipient enough times. Some actually conceive campaigns where the recipient is touched only once, maybe twice.

That’s one of the issues.

The second issue: they go for cheap bottles. Cheap and expensive are always in relation to the lifetime value of your prospect or customer. If you’ve determined that they’re worth a personalized water bottle, don’t give them a cheap one. Which is not to say that you’re to pay a lot for each bottle, but there are inexpensive bottles and cheap ones. Stay with the inexpensive. Just so we’re clear, inexpensive ones don’t cost a lot but are quality products with quality personalization.

The third issue, just because you give a personalized water bottle to someone who’s going to like it doesn’t mean you’ve made a good marketing move. In other words, a lot of marketers don’t segment or don’t do it well.

If you’re a chiropractor, for instance, giving your personalized water bottles to the members of gyms seems like a good idea. People who go to gyms are more likely to be into wellness and need occasional tune ups. Plus, they get awfully thirsty at the gym.

Giving them to people who’re walking in a 5k ‘race’ to sponsor a charity is not quite as good of an idea. Yes, some of them are into fitness, but they’re there mainly for the charity fundraising aspect of the event.

Giving them to everyone who passes your front door seems like an even less useful idea. For most chiropractors. You might be located between 2 gyms and across the street from 3 more and, then, it’s not a bad idea.

The point, though, is that you think carefully about who you give your corporate gifts to, then test. Then think some more. Then test.

But why do personalized water bottles make corporate gifts?

Because they are useful and, unless you go for cheap, good-looking items too. The usefulness of a promotional product is the main factor that determines if people keep it or not. Looks is the 2nd. So, with personalized water bottles you hit the two top reasons. Which means, a lot of people will keep them. Which means you give yourself a lot of shots at having your message seen.

Besides, unless you go for miniature water bottles, they have a large enough surface for personalization. That is, there’s room for your logo and a call to action that’s large enough to be seen by people who’re looking at the person who’s using your personalized water bottle. And, of course, the recipient of your gift won’t have to squint either.

So, yes, personalized water bottles make great corporate gifts. So, using them well does wonders for your bottom line.


Source by Dusan Varga