Saunas and Cellulite – Does a Sauna Help With Cellulite? | Nutrition Fit



Does a sauna help with cellulite? Well, a sauna can help reduce cellulite, but not at all in the way that one might think. Soaking in hot water is not going to melt away your cellulite dimples. However, combining a sauna with a cellulite targeted exercise routine may be the perfect answer.

A laser focused cellulite routine is one that has the ability to stimulate the muscle layer that is located directly above cellulite fat. This layer of muscle acts as a barrier keeping the cellulite back. Most exercise programs do not target these muscles, and let me tell you doing the wrong moves could actually cause you more cellulite damage.

Choose a routine that does not involve the use of weights, or any other machinery. These things can stretch the muscle barrier and allow the cellulite to pour through pushing against the skin surface. This creates the cottage cheese like effect that we see. The same thing happens when you don’t stimulate this muscle layer at all. It loses it’s elasticity, and the fat will come charging through.

This also explains how skinny people can have cellulite, while some over weight people have none. Those people that stimulate their muscles regularly will not show signs of cellulite ripples. You should only have to workout 3 times per week. I suggest using stimulating exercises every other day, for fastest results. On the days that you don’t work out, soak in a sauna to help relax the muscle. Use, then rest. This makes it easier to stretch the area.

When it comes to removing cellulite try using slower, more focused reps. Quality is way more important than quantity, especially so when it comes to muscle layer stimulation. Take your time and really concentrate on each move.

The best part is that this type of exercise has the ability to give you immediate, visible results in very little time. There is no need for a gym membership, no expensive workout equipment to buy, and it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

If you really want to speed up the process, you can follow a simple diet that is high in fiber and low fat diet. Cut back on your sodium, and caffeine intake. Add as many fresh fruits, and vegetables to your daily as you can. Make water your number one choice in drinks, staying hydrated does help the removal process tremendously.


Source by Shay Harris