Planet Fitness – Lunk Alarm Which You Should Know About

planet fitness lunk alarm

Planet Fitness is America’s largest health club franchise but the popularity of the franchise comes with a price as well, because a lot of the customers have condemned the chain for its practices which they consider that it is unfair for the other members. 

The planet fitness gym has created a weird reputation in its name, under which it is being disliked by a lot of users who have never gone to a gym. 

So, let us have a look at the issues with lunk alarm at planet fitness which customers have faced while they were in this gym since 1992, as the planet fitness gym has been around since the year 1992. 

Issues faced by customers in Planet Fitness gym – 

Lunk Alarm 

Lunk Alarm is a very integral part of Planet fitness culture and philosophy since it has been established as well as it also helps in maintaining a welcoming environment in the gym. 

Many members have appreciated that they can work without being judged or being lunked by the other users but there are some other people also who do not love this feature of planet fitness lunk alarm. 

Many people find it annoying when the loud siren rings as it disturbs them and averts their attention from the exercise when they are not making any noise at all. 

Whereas, some people believe that lunk alarm is not in line with the no judgement culture as it only makes people nervous about not dropping weights or making sound accidentally because of which they are not able to exercise properly. 

Unprofessional and rude behaviour of staff 

Planet fitness is often noticed for having a staff which has unprofessional behaviour and customers criticize and say that the trainers are unqualified and the front desk is also not helpful. 

This kind of behaviour of the staff can make the experience of the customers in the gym less enjoyable along with which the unprofessional and impolite behaviour of the staff can make the members feel unsafe and less likely to want to return to the gym and not only this but many people have left this gym because of this reason. 

Equipments and Facilities are limited 

Many customers of planet fitness have claimed that they are quite unhappy with the quality of the equipment and facilities which are there in the gym. 

They have complained that the cardio machines in the gym are often broken while the weight machines are in poor and uncomfortable condition. 

There are no pools, saunas, steam rooms or massage therapists in the gym and the customers do not even get access to a juice bar in the gym, additionally cleanliness facilities have been a reason why not many people are fond of it. 

Unqualified trainers 

A good trainer is what all people going to the gym need as they can plan a proper workout session as well as diet for the customers but Planet fitness isn’t the first choice of people when it comes to trainers. Along with the strict planet fitness rules, trainers with poor knowledge are a major drawback of this gym. 

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