How to download twitter videos to your iPhone

How to download twitter videos to your Iphone
How to download twitter videos to your Iphone

Twitter is a well-known microblogging service because it encourages users to freely share their thoughts and opinions. Regular Twitter users will unavoidably come across Tweets that contain media such as photographs, videos, and GIFs.

Downloading movies is possible with the official Twitter iPhone app, but just images. However, it has been shown that there are additional ways to download Twitter videos on an iPhone.

If you recently came across a video on Twitter that you’d like to save for later viewing, here are some of the best ways to save it to your iPhone.

Method 1: Transfer videos from Twitter to your iPhone using keyboard shortcuts.
On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you may use the Shortcuts app, a scripting tool, to automate monotonous tasks. Additionally, we’ll show you how to use downloaded and set up third-party shortcuts on your PC.

Your initial port of call should be the TVDL v3.1 Quick Access Page. In order to access the shortcut, your smartphone will now request you to open the Shortcuts app. Start by selecting Open. By selecting the Add Shortcut option on the Shortcuts page, you may add it to your collection of shortcuts.

After establishing the shortcut, open the Twitter app on your iPhone, and then follow these steps to save any videos from Twitter:

Open the Tweet containing the video in order to save it to your iPhone.
2. After selecting the “Share” button, select Send by from the “Share” option.
3. Select TVDL v3.1 from the Sharing Sheet option. It will request your consent to send the video to the TVDL app because this is the first time you have used the shortcut.
5. Click the Always allow checkbox.
You can select the desired video quality in the sixth question.

Method 2: Download videos from twitter to your iPhone via a video download service.
Similar to specialised video download apps, there are numerous websites that make it simple to transfer videos to your iPhone.
One of the most well-known websites for this purpose is Twitter video download.

Copying the URL to the video is all that is required to download it to your iPhone from any of them. Use the aforementioned link to visit any of these websites after opening your prefered web browser (Chrome, Safari, or Brave).

Then, go back to the website where you copied the URL for the movie and enter it there in the search field.

You can download the video in a range of various file formats and quality settings depending on the service. Your camera roll will be where the movie is saved if you select the appropriate choice.

After you click the Download button on a few of these downloaders, a pop-up window with the options to view and download appears. Click Download here to start the video download. However, a few services will start playing the movie as soon as you click Download. To transfer the video to your iPhone, hit the Share button and select Save to Files.