The Incredible, But Not Edible, Disposable Contact Lens



Many of us have the experience of having eye problems like astigmatism or myopia. These problems may be genetic or may be due to constant eye-strain or abuse. Whatever the cause, eye-problems usually mean having to wear corrective eyeglasses. However, many people disdain having to wear eyeglasses. Glasses can mist up in the heat, fall at odd times, and can get in our way. What bothers me especially is it impedes me from participating in physical sports like basketball and football.

The disposable contact lens has become the lens preferred by people who dislike eye glasses. They are far more convenient, and you can barely realize that you’re wearing one if it’s the right fit. They are easy to maintain and in some cases, cheaper than a pair of quality glasses. Contacts can make life easier for people who are able to wear them.

You can choose from a variety of disposable contact lenses. Some must be discarded after a couple of weeks or once a month and there are those that can only be used for a day. Consult your eye doctor to help you decide on which kind is best suited for your condition.

Early versions of contact lenses require cleaning with an enzyme cleaner and as a result maintenance can be time consuming. Today’s disposable contact lenses however only need to be soaked overnight in a multi-purpose cleaner. Some solutions offer a ‘no rub’ feature which entails that you do not have to clean your lenses by hand.

Disposable contact lenses that can change your eye color are also available. If you want to surprise or impress your friends by showing up at a party with a different eye color, you can try this option. You can also buy non-prescription lenses which mean that you can change your eye color even if you have no eye defects.

For whatever reason you may have for wearing disposable contact lenses, always remember that your eyes are sensitive organs. Vision is your primary sense so it would be sensible to allow your eyes to breathe by wearing lenses only for the time advised by your doctor. Keep your eyes healthy by following the expert advice of your doctor to fully enjoy the advantages of your vision.


Source by Morgan Hamilton