The Perfect Sales Letter Formula – A Star, a Story, a Solution | Nutrition Fit



If you are a copywriter, or you are thinking about becoming a copywriter, here is a great formula by the late Gary Halbert. If you want a way to write compelling copy and to be able to get in touch with your customers and sell more stuff, this is it. Read on to find out more.

Too many beginning copywriters make the mistake of using a lot of hype and attention-grabbing headlines to generate buzz about their product. The customer, on the other hand just wants a solution to their problem. They are not sitting at home, waiting by their mailbox just hoping to be marketed to. They just want to know how your business is going to help them.

Copywriter Gary Halbert created a simple formula for this problem solving approach to writing sales letters. He called it a star, a story, a solution. You will start out by introducing the star in the headline of your product. For example, you could say “45 year old man with one leg runs 5 miles a day thanks to new medical device.”

You headline creates the interest and introduces the character. Then, in the body copy you will quickly explain the story of the main character, how he lost his leg in an accident, and how he was completely broke and couldn’t work because of it.

Then you move on to the solution. You explain how your product allows him to walk again, is very inexpensive compared to surgery or a prosthetic, and now allows the man to work full time and enjoy an excellent wage. You have then given the star, the story, and the solution. This method of story telling is much better than just listing facts about your product, or creating a catchy song. Stories fit into real life. We can relate to underdogs that are going through a hardship and everyone likes a rags-to-riches story, because it makes your own life look better.

The stories will stick in the customer’s mind much longer than a list of benefits and you will be able to put it into a context that the reader can relate to. Once you have told the story, you can then move on to the product benefits, bonuses etc. If the reader has made it through your initial copy, you know they have at least enough interest to find out how the story ends. Then, all you have to do is gently guide them to the order page and close the sale.


Source by Joshua Black