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Symptoms for this disease are;

1.Headaches and migraines, fatigue, bad breath, mood swings

2.Lack of mental alertness, confusion, mental fogginess, depression

3.Hypoglycaemia and unstable blood sugar (diabetes symptom)

4.Weight gain (particularly around abdomen)

5.Difficulty losing weight or following a weight loss program

6.Constantly losing weight and gaining weight

7.Indigestion, heartburn, reflux, bloating

8.Irritable Bowel Syndrome

9.Allergies (asthma, rashes, hives and hay fever)

10.Food cravings including sugar cravings (diabetes symptom)

11.Gallstones and gallbladder disease


13.High blood pressure

14.Decreased sex drive

15.Dry itchy eyes

16.Fluid retention

How to Prevent and diagnose?

a. Stop drinking alcohol –

For People you drink excessive alcohol, try to quit or minimize it until you can stop. Alcohol can lead to many serious cases other than having a Fatty liver.

b. Lose Weight and Exercise-

People who suffer from obesity must learn to exercise more and have a low fat diet. This is very important since complications might arise if you do not lose that weight. When you lose that weight as soon as possible, you also save yourself from having heart related problems and also prevent high blood pressure and diabetes.

c. Have a Low fat diet and monitor the sugar level-

People suffering from diabetes should also be careful about their diet, they should also have a low fat diet and monitor their diabetes. Diabetes can lead also to other complications if it is not treated well.

d. Eat lots of fruits that has high fibers and eat vegetables-

Try to stay away from meat while on a diet process, fibers can help you increase your metabolism and eventually you can burn more calories and lose that fat.

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Source by Wendy Witter