Top 2 Construction Equipment Brands of 2023

Top 2 Construction Equipment Brands

JCB and Kobelco are two of India’s reputed heavy equipment brands, and for the right reasons. To begin with, these entities constantly launch innovative and high-performing construction equipment and machinery. However, their excavator range is the most popular among the infra professionals of India. 


Featuring Kobelco SK140-10 & JCB00C1 Excavator


JCB Excavator 


This excavator has made it to India’s top list of best-selling excavators. Rightly so, the model has advanced features, delivering exceptional performance. To illustrate, the operating weight of this JCB excavator is around 9733 Kg. Additionally, this machine comes equipped with a powerful engine, generating up to 100 HP. Subsequently, both these attributes ensure maximum work output while increasing productivity. What’s further interesting is its price range, as it’s super reasonable. For instance, this excavator’s price starts from Rs. 26 Lakhs and goes up to Rs. 28 Lakhs in India. Moreover, with a dig depth capacity of 2740 mm, this JCB equipment has significantly reduced downtime at onsite jobs. 


Kobelco Excavator 


Kobelco SK140-10 is yet another best-selling excavating model in the Indian Construction market. To begin with, this machine comes with an operating weight of 13200 Kg. 

Additionally, it is engineered with a high-performing engine, generating up to 100 HP. Hence, it’s quite evident as to what makes this Kobelco excavator so work-productive oriented. In fact, its digging depth capacity of up to 5280 mm has increased the popularity of this model among Indian infra stakeholders. All these exceptional features largely facilitate complex projects like construction or demolition. More importantly, the price range of this machine is between Rs. 47 to 49 Lakhs in India. 


These were the top 2 excavating models from Kobelco & JCB. So, which one would be your next purchase? Visit our Infra Junction website to sort out all your confusion and queries regarding both these models.