CAT 424 vs CAT 424B: Which Backhoe Loader is Right for Your Project?

Compare & Choose CAT 424 B vs CAT 424 Backhoe Loader

The construction industry in India has significantly transformed in the past few decades. Several factors have been contributing to the development of this industry. For instance, the production of innovative construction equipment from brands like CAT. Additionally, backhoe loaders like CAT 424 and 424 B became popular soon after their launch due to their exceptional features.

CAT 424 Backhoe Loader

This backhoe loader from CAT is one of the best-selling models in India. For instance, this machine comes with an operating weight of 8760 Kg. This ensures maximum work output, both in construction as well as in the mining sector. Additionally, this CAT 424 backhoe loader has a maximum dig depth capacity of 2000mm. Moreover, this loader significantly facilitates material lifting and transportation, thanks to its full height limit of 2735 mm. More importantly, this backhoe loader is a worthwhile investment, given its price range.

CAT 424 B Backhoe Loader

This is yet another popular model variation from CAT India. In fact, this backhoe loader model is a major contributor to exponentially growing construction projects in India. Talking about its features, it is equipped with a max lift capacity of 3451 Kg. Moreover, the machine can reach up to a full height of 5637mm, subsequently facilitating construction & mining projects. Additionally, the CAT 424 B model can operate with a maximum weight of around 8000 Kg.

Furthermore, its backhoe bucket capacity is around 3 cum. Both these features further upscale work output for operators. Above all, this model is worth buying, with a price range of Rs. 44-46 Lakhs.

Therefore, both the CAT backhoe loaders offer valuable features and are worth considering for purchase.

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